Here is an overview of my film classes on Skillshare and a trailer for each class:


Learn Indie Filmmaking By Making A Short Film ‌- 50 video lessons | 3hr 10 min

Finance Your Film: Make A Movie Pitch Document ‌- 40 video lessons | 2hr 11 min

Documentary Filmmaking: Write, Film and Edit A Short Documentary ‌- 32 video lessons | 2hr 5 min

Learn Movie Trailer Editing: Film And Edit Your Movie Trailer‌ ‌- 40 video lessons| 2hr 12 min

Indie Filmmaking: Transform Your Idea Into a Movie ‌- 32 video lessons | 1hr 50 min

Learn Screenwriting By Writing One Scene in a Screenplay Format‌ ‌- 29 video lessons | 48 min